The Mississippi State Health Department provides strict guidelines for caring for children who are ill. Kids' Kampus, Sumrall and Kids' Kampus, Too only accept children who are well and non-contagious. We depend on our parents and staff to closely maintain our Health Policy.

  • Temperatures of 101 degrees, vomiting, diarrhea, or eyes that are tearing/matted are all sufficient reasons for children to be kept home or sent home from our centers.
  • Children must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to the center. Children sent home with fever cannot return the next day.
  • Each child that enters the center must have a competed Certificate of Immunization Compliance(Form 121).
  • Staff MUST be notified of any special medical conditions which warrant medical attention.
  • Staff MUST be notified of any allergies your child may have(food/medications).
  • If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons, a physician's note must be submitted to be kept on file.


Perscription medication will be administered once daily. Parent must log-in each medication in the Medication Log Book. Perscription drugs must be in the original container with the child's name on the perscription label.



For minor injuries, first aid is administered at the center. Treatment is limited to cleansing and bandaging. There is a staff member trained in first aid on duty at all times. For more serious injuries, a parent will be notified immediately. It is extremely important to keep the center informed of the most current emergency contact information. At least two alternate numbers are required.


Insurance Coverage

Parents and guardians are responsible for medical costs in the unfortunate event of an injury. Kids' Kampus, Sumrall and Kids' Kampus, Too do not provide liability coverage for students.



We do not allow visitors at the center. Individuals not on your child's pick-up/drop-off list may not have contact with your child while under our supervision. You must come to the center and sign your child out.



Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from the center. The centers do not provide this service.



Children will not be photographed without parents' approval. The photography consent is located on the registration form. Be advised that this consent includes photos posted on our social network page (Facebook) and on our website.


Evacuation Plans

In case of evacuation, children will be relocated to:

Kids' Kampus, Sumrall:

Murpheys Catfish House Hwy 42
Sumrall City Hall Hwy 589

Kids' Kampus, Too:

First Baptist Church of Poplarville
Main Street, Poplarville



We believe discipline helps children learn to live within their community, develop self-control and respect the rights of others. In order to foster this development, children must know waht is expected of them. Children's behaviors are structured by routines and consistency, as well as gentle reminders of what acceptable behavior should be. ANY FORM OF PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT KIDS' KAMPUS LOCATIONS. Continued discipline issues demanding one-on-one care will result in parental involvement; including notes, telephone calls, and visits to the center by the parent. Childcare service may be terminated for parents who are not able to help thier child adapt to a group setting.



Threatening Behavior

Our Kids' Kampus locations have a zero tolerance policy for threatening behavior or language directed towards members of the staff by parents, guardians or relatives. One incident of threatening behavior at Kids' Kampus locations by an adult and the child will be immediately removed from the center enrollment.


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