Arrivals and Departures

We want to keep your children safe!

Children are only allowed to leave the center with a parent, guardian, or those listed on the official pick-up list. These individuals may be asked to show picture identification. Those picking up/dropping off the child MUST sign them in and out. Parents may not call to amend the pick-up list. Changes must be made in person.

Children will not be allowed to leave the center in a vehicle that is not equipped with proper child restraints. Parents must escort children in/out of the center. PLEASE, DO NOT SEND THEM TO CLASS ALONE. Drop off is from 6AM (6:30AM for the Sumrall Location) to 9AM. Please have your child at the center by 9AM. Children arriving after this time must have prior approval from the director. The centers close promptly at 6PM. Please, respect the time that our caregivers have planned to spend with their families and make sure your child exits the center on time! It is the responsibility of the parent to notify the center of any custody issues.

Late Pick-Up

There will be a $10 late pick-up fee after 6:00PM and $1 for each additional minute after that. Our office clock is the official time clock. Your account will be charged if the fee is not paid at the time of pick-up. The person picking up your child will be asked to sign a late release form. After 6:50, the Pear River County Sheriffs Office will be called. (601) 795-2241.


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